Mike Pence Amasses a War Chest for the Midterm Elections

In Indiana, Stephen MacKenzie is running for the congressional seat that Mr. Pence held for 12 years. One of his Republican primary opponents is Greg Pence, the vice president’s older brother, who has received $5,400 from the Great American Committee. Mr. MacKenzie said he had sought an endorsement and campaign donations from the Freedom Caucus and received private assurances he would win the group’s backing. But after meeting with Freedom Caucus members and aides in Washington earlier this month, he said he was told the group wouldn’t get behind him. Mr. MacKenzie said he believes the Pence committee’s donations to Freedom Caucus members influenced that decision. “It’s a very tough thing to resist the White House,” he said.

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Air Force Reserve Member Enters GOP Field For Indiana 6th District

“I’m running for Congress because we need true conservatives representing Hoosiers in Washington D.C.,” the Fortville resident said in a statement. “As your next 6th District Congressman, I will always defend the Second Amendment, support limited government and term limits, and promote fiscal responsibility. I’m a pro-life Christian with strong family values and I believe that economic growth and tax reform are keys to helping all of us live the American Dream.”

“I will never give in to special interests or any influence that goes
against my core values. I will represent Indiana’s 6th District with
dignity, compassion and a moral compass that guides me in faith, family and business,” he concluded.

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Campaign for congress: About Stephen Mackenzie

"Stephen Mac- Kenzie still remembers the first campaign he got behind. It was 1984, and President Ronald Reagan was seeking a second term. Helping a candidate he supported get re-elected was inspiring to Mac- Kenzie, then a college student, and cemented his interest in politics and government."

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Young Republicans host party forum for District 6 seat

"Three of the four candidates vying to be the area’s Republican
congressional nominee visited Hancock County on Wednesday to discuss their campaigns and meet with voters in one of the first public forums of the 2018 election season. State Sen. Mike Crider, R-Greenfield, U.S. Air Force reservist Stephen MacKenzie of Fortville along with entrepreneur and Muncie native Jonathan Lamb spoke with community members at the Hancock County Courthouse Annex on Wednesday to introduce themselves to local Republicans, answer questions and give those gathered a brief overview of their campaigns. The three are running to represent Indiana’s 6th District in the U.S. House of Representatives, which encompasses 19 counties, stretching from Delaware to Jefferson counties and including Hancock."

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EXCLUSIVE: Indiana Congressional Candidate Claims The Pence Orbit Is Discouraging Competition

"An email sent from MacAllister to Mackenzie, obtained by TheDCNF, corroborates Cynthia’s account of MacAllister’ change of heart. In the email, MacAllister cites the overwhelming fundraising power behind Pence and implores MacKenzie to stop his campaign or face consequences. The email reads, in part: *"They asked me to tell you to stand down and get out if you know what’s good for you."*

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The Indy Republic Endorses Stephen MacKenzie For Congress

“The party bosses in Indiana as you all know are hell bent on doing everything they can to elect Greg Pence to Congress. Fortunately the voters of the Indiana 6th Congressional District do not have to settle for another milquetoast Pence to represent them in Congress. Running in the GOP 6th CD Primary is Stephen Mackenzie. Mr. Mackenzie has had a good career in business, he has been a missionary, as well as serving in the Air Force Reserve.”

“Indy Republican stands with Stephen Mackenzie and says: "Enough"! Enough with the Establishment and their tools telling us who we should and should not vote for. For this reason IR is proud to endorse Steve Mackenzie for Congress! Give them Hell Steve!”

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Stephen MacKenzie Speaks about Freedom and Religious Liberty

A message from Cynthia MacKenzie

Stephen MacKenzie For Congress Talks About His Duty to Serve in US Air Force Reserves

MacKenzie for Congress — Strong on 2nd Amendment!

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Stephen MacKenzie Talks Tax Reform, Obamacare and Greg Pence on
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Sixth Congressional District Proves Establishment Bias Against Conservative Candidate Stephen MacKenzie

To date, twelve out of nineteen counties within the sixth Congressional District have announced their annual Lincoln Day Dinners’ dates and guest speakers.  Two of those, Rush County and Franklin County, have announced Congressional Candidate Greg Pence as their speaker, despite the fact that the Republican Party, *from county to state to the federal level*, is encouraged to be *objective* towards* all of the candidates running during the Primary season. *Unfortunately, in this GOP Primary Congressional race, it has been proven to not be the case.

The U.S. House of Representative seat for the sixth Congressional district, currently held by Representative Luke Messer, is considered to be an* “open seat”* -- meaning that it has no incumbent, due to Messer’s decision to run for U.S. Senate.

The local and congressional district leadership is to be helpful, fair and display equal treatment to *ALL *candidates; to not show preferential treatment towards any one candidate. There are no rules to say that on a personal level, a county chairman or a district chairman, cannot have a personal favorite, however in their role as county or district chair, they should provide equal treatment to the candidates running for office during a Primary. Once the voters have nominated their Republican candidate and made their choice, then the Party can step in to actively campaign for the Republican candidate in the General Election.

*Stephen MacKenzie released this statement today: *

*“The Party Leaders have made it very clear that Greg Pence, the Vice-President’s older brother, is their chosen candidate in this GOP Primary. Greg might as well be the incumbent candidate for how the Party Elites have behaved behind the scenes. The Establishment has been involved in this Primary race **at every level**, **from county to district to state to the Vice-President himself, attempting to get me to quit. **But the last time I checked, the United States of America was a Constitutional Democratic Republic, where **we, the people, **have the right to choose our own candidates and vote for who we want! Yet the Establishment has done everything in its power to shut me out and destroy my candidacy. *

*“But they didn’t count on me, a candidate with a strong military background, strong Christian values, strong ethics, and the will to fight back and expose them. You see, I know what is important to the people of Indiana and I intend to go to Washington to represent YOU, not the best interests of the Republican elite. And they didn’t count on you, the people, who are informed enough to know that the Establishment fights the true Conservative candidates more in the Primary, than they fight the Democrats in the General! *

*“The two GOP counties who are hosting Greg Pence as their guest speaker for their Lincoln Day Dinner, while ignoring the rest of the candidates in this Congressional race, are merely **proof **of what has been happening to me **privately **behind the scenes since I declared my candidacy. I sincerely hope the Indiana voter will not let the Establishment get away with crowning Greg Pence as their next U.S. Representative, but will rise up to tell the Party Elites: “Enough!” *

*“Isn’t it time we drain the swamp?** Now is the time, during the Republican Primary, to beat the Establishment and their dirty tricks! I promise if you vote for me, I will never stand down to them, but will fight for you, as I have during my two tours in the Middle East against radical Islamic terrorism and I have these past months during my campaign for Congress!” *

MacKenzie has been actively stumping throughout the sixth district to promote his message of America Strong - with an emphasis on a strong border, strong national defense, a strong supporter of second amendment rights, the right to life, and the enforcement of immigration laws, despite heavy obstacles by Party Leadership obstructing Stephen MacKenzie’s support, endorsements and donors.

In December, the Daily Caller reported that the Establishment promised quid pro quo to some early supporters of MacKenzie, who would drop their support of his candidacy to endorse Greg Pence. One such claim has already been proven with the recent announcement of a former congressman’s wife now running for an open State House seat in Indiana.

The Wall Street Journal also reported on December 29, 2017 of the Vice-President’s involvement in this Congressional race, using his PAC money to help fund his brother Greg’s campaign: Mike Pence Amasses a War Chest for Mid-Term Elections.

Conservative Outsider Stephen MacKenzie, a twenty year Hoosier business executive and entrepreneur, has served his county in the Air Force Reserve and has been deployed to the MiddleEast for two tours: Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Inherent Resolve. He is still an active member in the Reserves, going on twenty years. He is married to Cynthia and the father of three.

Twitter: @mackenziein6